Muscles: Made up of more than protein shakes & tears

Muscle makes up about 40% of total body mass in a typical lean male and about 35% in a typical lean female. Each muscle contains hundreds or thousands of individual muscle cells. These specialized cells are long and thing, and are usually referred to as fibers rather than as cells.


Two proteins, actin and myosin, comprise much of the muscle mass, and the interaction of these two proteins is what allows muscle cells to generate force. These proteins are arranged to form long overlapping microfilaments within the skeletal muscle fibers and these filaments can slide past each other, allowing the muscle to shorten. Part of the myosin molecule functions as an ATPase, breaking down adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and so making energy available to power muscle activity. 

If you ask any athlete, they will tell you that getting the body you want is about what you eat. Yes, working out is incredibly important, but you will never have the body of an athlete if you keep eating like a dumpster. Here’s a list of high protein foods to help your body feed your muscles.

Marianne Sheehan