Stop Saying the 'D' Word

The word ‘Diet’ sucks. I used to be a special diet chef and one thing I noticed is that when people said the phrase ‘I’m on a diet’ they had the same tone of voice as someone saying ‘I have appendicitis’ or ‘My cat just died’. 


Instead say ‘I’m following a nutrition plan’ when someone asks you ‘Are you on a diet?’ if that words hurts your soul as much as it does most of the world. By the way, if your friends aren’t asking you ‘are you on a diet?’ then maybe you should reconsider what you’re eating. If you’ve never eaten healthy then no worries we won’t start you with counting calories (which is garbage anyways never do that) or eating like a rabbit. Start with quitting things. For six days of the week stay strict with eating right and on the seventh day (your CHEAT day) FEED YO SOUL YOU CRANKY CARBLESS MONSTER.

Here’s a good example of a list of things to start cutting out of your diet week one:

- Soda (sugar and teeth destroying acid)

- Juice (the Devil’s sugar)

- Alcohol

- Fast Food (especially coffee- drink it black!)

- Fried Food

- All of the things you love

- Candy

- Desserts

- Pastries

-leftovers someone who isn’t eating healthy left in the fridge

When you workout a lot you want to EAT ALL OF THE THINGS ALL OF THE TIME. Maybe pick day 7 to be a weekend day so you can drink and enjoy time off, but also be sure to make your cheat day a day you get some exercise in. 

Marianne Sheehan