How Did I Make It Onto The Titan Games?

I always knew I was meant to do great things.

I just thought that meant the military and being a firefighter. Looking back on my life I’ve done a lot of great things- most as a volunteer. The military taught me discipline, mission trips taught me compassion, but working out taught me the rest. Want results? Put in the work. It’s that simple.

I started an instagram when I was a missionary living in Italy. I posted about the love of The Lord, and how we have a calling on our lives to do great things. When I came back to the states I posted about fitness and traveling. I moved to Vermont and started posting about being a firefighter, and firefighter fitness training. One day several months ago I got scouted on instagram to be on a tv show, and here we are.

The Chinese Bamboo Tree doesn’t break the surface of the ground the first five years of its life. In fact, it will die in the ground if at any time the watering or fertilizing process is stopped. But, in that fifth year, the tree finally breaks through the ground and in six weeks it grows nearly ninety feet tall! 

So you tell me, how long did it take the tree to grow? 5 years or six weeks? Just because you might only see some of someone’s growth doesn’t mean you know the whole picture. Trust me when I say it took me an entire decade to make it onto the Titan Games, something I’m damn proud of.

Marianne Sheehan