Alma Dwumfour

Instagram @almamicheala

Twitter: @AlmaMicheala

Bio: Alma loves to push her body to the limits in fitness competitions to see what it is capable of. Through her job, Alma is aware how important it is to seize each day as it could be your last, and she is competing on “The Titan Games” in honor of her patients who can’t.


Ashley Hawkins

Instagram: @Hawkins_ae

Twitter: @HawkinsAE13

Bio: Ashley met her husband in the police academy eight years ago. The former NCAA soccer player enjoys spending time with her two German shepherd “fur babies” and collecting fortune cookie fortunes. Ashley has always strived to stay fit because of the sports she played at a young age, but now her fitness is about being strong enough to protect herself and others on the job.


Ashley Huhn

Instagram: @Ashhuhn17

Bio: When Ashley’s not improving the lives of her students, you can find her hanging out with her two dogs and coaching kids in soccer. If anyone can bend it like Beckham, it’s Ashley.


Ayonna Procter

Instagram: @YonnieStyle

Nicknamed “Doctor Proctor,” Ayonna inspires her patients to live a healthy lifestyle. Growing up low income in a small town, she overcame all odds to receive an NCAA basketball scholarship. Ayonna’s #1 supporter has always been her hard-working mom, whom she is driven to make proud.

Brehanna Daniels

Instagram: @brehannadaniels

Twitter: @Mindless_BMD

Brehanna is making history as the first female African-American NASCAR tire changer. She was a basketball player for Norfolk State University with an incredible work ethic. Brehanna hopes to inspire young people by diversifying NASCAR.

Breona Evans

Instagram: @breonanicole7

Breona, a former cheerleader for Georgia State University, brings her love of fitness into her everyday life. This six-time CrossFit regionals athlete inspires all who know her to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


Carla Miranda

Instagram: @carlooki

Twitter: @Carlooki_

Carla was born and raised in a small town in Puerto Rico and being away from her family is difficult. It was especially hard when Hurricane Maria hit and she wasn’t able to reach anyone for four days. Carla hopes to make her people proud.


Charity Witt

Instagram: @charity_witt

Twitter: @Witt_Charity

At a young age, Charity learned the meaning of hard work and quickly adapted to overcoming adversity. She was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia at 17 and that led her to her passion for powerlifting. Charity’s motto – “I don’t quit when I’m tired, I quit when I’m done” – reflects her tenacious personality.


Kris Rugloski

Instagram: @krisrugloski

Twitter: @krisrugloski

Christiana is the youngest female competitor on “The Titan Games” and brings a youthful zest for life to the competition. Growing up not having access to sports, she wants to make up for lost time and is always finding ways to push her body to new limits. Christiana enjoys working with horses and doesn’t shy away from a hard day’s work.


Christina Luna

Instagram: @beastingthebeauty

Twitter: @beastnthebeauty

Life hasn’t always been easy for Christina. From living in a trailer with her grandparents to being a single mom living below the poverty line, she knows what hard work looks like. She overcame those past hardships and earned her dental hygiene degree while serving in the Air Force. Today, she proudly enjoys a stable life with her two young daughters in their beautiful home.


Emily Andzulis

Instagram: @emily_andzulis

Twitter: @emily_andzulis

Emily has engaged in martial arts since she was 7 and has a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Five years ago, her sister Sharon was diagnosed with bone cancer and ended up having part of her shin bone removed. Emily moved in and helped her sister recover. In honor of her, Emily will always push herself to new heights and doesn’t take anything for granted.


Emily Hu

Instagram: @amithebenchbrah

Twitter: @Very_Ami

Emily is always breaking barriers and defying expectations. After graduating with her Master’s in biomedical engineering from Duke University at 22, Emily went on to work for a Silicon Valley startup that makes medical devices. In her free time she powerlifts and has three world records in her weight class. She’s ready to show the world how powerful she is.


Erin LaVoie

Instagram: @The_LumberJill

Twitter: @The_LumberJill

Not only does Erin hold a Guinness World Record for chopping down Christmas trees in two minutes, she is also the owner of Predation CrossFit.


Instagram: @gmpolicastro

Twitter: @GMPolicastro

Gina is a high school Earth Science teacher. After discovering a passion for fitness, she hopes to open an after-school fitness affiliate program for her students to pass the confidence and strength she gained on to them.


Jackie Wood

Instagram: @jackiejaxwood

Twitter: @JackieJaxWood

Jackie’s passion in life has always been in the water. She began swimming competitively at age 6 and continued through high school. After feeling lost in life, Jackie followed her mother’s advice and quit her bartending job to become a swim coach. Her ultimate goal is to open a swim school of her own called Swim Strong Academy.


Jasmin Guinn

Instagram: @jasminguinn

Twitter: @JasminKGuinn

Jasmin is both a talented artist and elite athlete. She is a former dual sport NCAA athlete in basketball and track and is here to compete for her grandmother, her greatest inspiration in life and biggest supporter.


Jenessa Goeman

Instagram: @gym_nessa

Twitter: @gym_nessa

A former top gymnast on a national championship team, Jenessa has a love for fitness. At 28, a ligament tear forced her to find an alternate mode of exercise and, at the suggestion of her then boyfriend, took up weight-lifting. Jenessa wants to prove both to herself and the world she is a strong, independent woman.


Jess Griffith

Instagram: @jessicaRgriffith

Helping people has always been a lifelong desire for Jess. She became a nurse and found herself working in the stressful ER trauma unit. Jess realized that she had a bigger desire to help people who wanted to help themselves. Taking a big risk, she used her past experience and knowledge to become a nutrition coach and specialist.


Julie Dudley

Instagram: @Julie_dudley

Twitter: @Julie_Dudley_

After getting into the best shape of her life, Julie, who’s both a mother and grandmother, has recently picked up gymnastics and Olympic lifting and doesn’t let anything slow her down. She is ready to compete and prove once and for all that age isn’t nothing but a number.


Kara Lazauskas

Instagram: @kilerk0

A graduate student at Cal State University Fullerton, Kara was 3 years old when she had her left lung removed because of a post-inflammatory pseudo tumor. Having one lung made her work even harder, and she now has 75% lung capacity. Despite having one lung, she is an MMA fighter, powerlifter and starts her day with 100 push-ups and sit-ups.


Kelsey Horton

Instagram: @kelseyhorton1989

Twitter: @KelseyHorton89

Kelsey is a married mother of two who spends her days as a nurse and her nights as a powerlifter. After having her first daughter at 20 years old, Kelsey reached nearly 200 lbs. and by the time she was pregnant with her son, she had begun to transform her body into the powerhouse she is now. She documents her fitness journey on Instagram in the hopes to inspire other working mothers to take some time for themselves and get strong.


Instagram: @laurrrenhunter

Twitter: @LaurrrenHunter

Lauren, who has one daughter, studied non-stop for six years to complete her prerequisites to become a nurse and was accepted in 2017. She recently began modeling and is on “The Titan Games” to prove that while she may be a fitness model, she works hard, is full of heart and is more than just a pretty picture.


Mariah Counts

Instagram: @mcshmammer

Twitter: @MariahCounts

Mariah has been a competitive athlete her whole life, earning scholarships in both track & field and volleyball. When Mariah began CrossFit, she found a way to continue her path as an athlete and also coach others. While fitness occupies a large part of her life, she still finds time for her other passion as a singer/songwriter.



Instagram: @Savage_Sheehan

Twitter: @Savage_Sheehan

Marianne joined the Air Force at 16 to escape her small town. After serving her time in the military, she worked odd jobs and moved around the country as a civilian until she settled in Vermont where she met her husband and serves as a volunteer firefighter. Her job means that she has to be at the height of fitness. As a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson, she can’t believe that she has been selected to be a part of “The Titan Games.”

Melissa Alcantara

Instagram: @fitgurlmel

After giving birth to her daughter, Melissa weighed 200 lbs. and suffered from postpartum depression and used fitness as a tool to recover. After losing 40 pounds in 60 days, she documented her transformation by posting workout videos, motivational messages and photos on social media hoping to encourage others. Melissa, who inspires people to be the best version of themselves, is a trainer to the stars, including Kim Kardashian.


Melody Schofield

Instagram: @MelodySchofield

Twitter: @MelodySchofield

Melody earned the nickname “The Pebble” for her resemblance to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She suffered from alcoholism throughout her life but has proudly been sober since August 2015.


Nichole Root

Instagram: @nicholeroot

Twitter: @NicholeRoot18

Nichole loves to include her classes in her daily workout. After realizing that her daughter was being bullied, Nichole used athletics as a way to inspire her two daughters to be confident women and be the best version of themselves.


Nika SedghiInstagram:

Instagram: @neeks93

Twitter: @Neeks_93

As a first generation daughter of Iranian immigrants, making her family proud is a driving force in Nika’s life. During the day, she works on gas turbine engines. At night, Nika puts hours in at the gym pushing her body to its limits. She wants to represent the strong Iranian women who raised her.


Nikkie Neal

Instagram: @nikkieneal

Twitter: @thenikkieneal

Nikkie is a 5’10” model that works for national fitness brands. Her height, strong work ethic and childhood growing up on the beaches of Southern California makes her a natural volleyball player. She earned her way to the California State Championship and the USA beach volleyball team in 2013. Growing up as the youngest of four siblings, Nikkie isn’t afraid to take on the role of underdog in “The Titan Games.”


Sandra Arechaederra

Instagram: @yogaliftersandra

Twitter: @sarechaederra

Sandra is a mother of four whose passion for fitness has pushed her to be a yoga and strength training coach for NFL athletes. She took up Olympic-style weightlifting at 41 despite being only 5’4” and 115 pounds. In the 10 years since, she has broken six Masters American records.


Shannon Decker

Instagram: @shannonshape

Twitter: @shannonshape

It was in 2005 that Shannon’s brother, Colin, fell in a rock-climbing accident that would transform her into who she is today. After Colin’s tragic death, she used fitness as a way to cope and ultimately to celebrate his life. It helped her push herself in ways she never thought possible. Now everything positive in her life revolves around fitness – his memory, meeting her boyfriend and now “The Titan Games.”

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